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Posted by Fuel HQ on Jul 18, 2017 9:50:55 AM

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Easy to navigate; instructions that are clear and concise; and an experience that proves to be valuable on a daily basis: This is just a sampling of the feedback from members who have test driven the Fuel Virtual Test Lab. In fact, the consensus amongst users thus far is the lab has been very helpful—so much so that they wish to have more time to explore.

Have you had your chance to step inside the Fuel Virtual Test Lab?

With the launch of the Fuel Virtual Test Lab 8.0, Fuel provides an open environment that enables users to become familiar with the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall and its features. It provides an ideal setting to experience the PAN-OS 8.0 interface and interact with enhanced features at your own direction: Practice setting up and running reports, configuring policies and more.

Fuel member Ayyappan Ramanan, a network operations technician at Iseek Communications Pty Ltd., considers himself a beginner when it comes to cybersecurity. He values the Fuel Virtual Test Lab as it provides a user-acceptance testing environment for basic Palo Alto Networks’ features that can help bring him up to speed with PAN-OS 8.0 and see the true impact on the network.

Ramanan anticipates the experience he obtained while working in the Fuel Virtual Test Lab will help in his work as a managed service provider where he says firewall upgrades can be difficult to manage.

Overall he considers the lab to be a “cool idea that I can brag about” and has already recommended it to colleagues. He said the virtual lab gave him a confidence boost, and recommends using a resource like the Fuel Virtual Test Lab Quick Start Guide. This online resource helps those who are looking for ideas of what to try within the lab.

In general, early users of the Fuel Virtual Test Lab are impressed with the advantage it provides professionally, particularly during a time when cybersecurity needs are constantly changing.

For instance, one user noted that he has been recommending the lab to colleagues for the fact it helped him gain confidence and knowledge about policy configuration. Another strong appeal noted by users is the fact the Fuel Virtual Test Lab allows for the configuration of the firewall to be set-up within seconds — all with the ability to see configuration changes in real time.


Fuel Virtual Test Lab



Those looking to experience the Fuel Virtual Test Lab for themselves can request access  Once requested, you’ll receive an email with instructions on next steps.

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