In the Know: Proactively Manage Your Network

Posted by Fuel HQ on Jun 28, 2017 10:31:05 AM

Could it be time to automate configuration changes, management, and backups? In the ongoing effort to preemptively monitor your device operations and prevent downtime, the ability to harmonize device configurations could be the key to saving time and mitigating risk across your infrastructure.

But, where is the best place to begin? Rafi Zvi, Co-Founder of BackBox, will provide some tips for doing so during the webinar ‘How Organizations Can Gain Infrastructure Efficiency by Automating Their Network Operations’ on June 29.

Fuel caught up with Rafi Zvi to gain perspective on what to expect during this 45-minute educational webinar.

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In the Know: Zero-Touch Automation

Posted by Fuel HQ on May 30, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Automation is a key element as organizations adapt to digital transformation, and security operations are not excluded. Automating changes to Palo Alto Networks Next Generation policies can maximize agility and productivity without losing control.
"Tufin's zero-touch automation will allow Panorama users to expedite the creation of security policies that still coincide with device group hierarchy. The return on investment for companies will be bolstered security and allowing the IT security team to gain back more time in the workday." — Fuel Member Paul Carter, information security engineer
We caught up with Joe Schreiber, technical director of business development at Tufin, and Erez Tadmor, senior product manager, automation and orchestration, at Tufin, to help address questions related to automation. Schreiber and Tadmor presented a Fuel webinar on May 11 that addresses how to:
  1. Implement changes to Panorama device group Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) policies in minutes
  2. Enforce continuous compliance with security standards with proactive risk analysis
  3. Reduce the complexity of your hybrid network environment

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In the Know: Network Connectivity Uncovered

Posted by Fuel HQ on Apr 28, 2017 1:06:59 PM

Effectively enabling your network comes down to your ability to address a range of different connectivity questions. For starters, with cabling, it’s a matter of dealing with long range, short range and twisted pair options. From there, it becomes a matter of dealing with pluggables — which goes beyond simply matching the speed, mode and fiber type.

As Fuel Member Ian P. Johnston, a security engineer and analyst, describes, “The ISO Seven Layer Networking Model is still essential to designing, maintaining, operating and troubleshooting networks. We can be thankful that Ethernet and IP now dominate layers 2 and 3, but getting the layer 1 fiber connections right seems to get harder by the month: Just as one gets used to LC and ST, along with the options for SFPs, SFP+s, LR, SR, SM, MM, etc. etc., something new like 40G or 100G comes along! Great news for data transfer, but more trouble for the engineer who's got to figure out the best connectivity options and create the BOM.”

We caught up with Chris Bihary, CEO and co-founder of Garland Technology, which provides network test access points (TAPs), to help address questions related to network connectivity. Bihary, along with Patrick Nixdorf, system engineer for Garland, will be presenting a webinar* on May 2 that addresses the basics of network connectivity, along with vendor-specific connectivity such as BiDi and MTP®. This webinar will also dive into the unique environmental considerations within Industrial Ethernet and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) settings.
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