How to Maintain Endpoint Security

Posted by Fuel HQ on Apr 2, 2018 2:07:34 PM

Monday, April 2, 2018

As the cloud takes center stage in cybersecurity discussions, we can’t forget the importance of protecting organizations on the endpoint side. The Internet of Things (IoT) has created an entire host of devices that could possibly be compromised, and protections should be in place to make sure these devices are secure.

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Cybersecurity Question of the Month: April

Posted by Fuel HQ on Mar 23, 2018 3:15:42 PM

We share your responses to the Fuel Cybersecurity Question of the Month
Friday, March 23, 2018

Each month, we ask Fuel members to weigh in with their opinions on the Cybersecurity Question of the Month, and we’re sharing their answers here.

This month we had multiple Fuel members voice their response to a question on the topic of Using Multi-Factor Authentication.

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Monitoring IaaS and PaaS

Posted by Fuel HQ on Mar 14, 2018 3:52:52 PM

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It would be wonderful to be two places at once. There are plenty of times when the overwhelming demands of a job or life simply seem like too much for one person to handle. When it comes to IT security, centralized management of both Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can help ease time constraints and make tasks on different clouds easier to accomplish.

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks, IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service, Panorama, PaaS, Platform as a Service

Can Cloud APIs Help You Stay Secure?

Posted by Fuel HQ on Mar 8, 2018 11:00:06 AM

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Quick question: When it comes to staying ahead of security threats, which is most important; finding effective methods of monitoring cloud resources, guarding against the loss of sensitive data, or checking security configurations? That answer, of course, is all of the above.

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks, Cloud Security Management, APIs, Cloud APIs

Introducing the PA-220R Next-Generation Firewall—Ruggedized and Ready

Posted by Fuel HQ on Feb 22, 2018 2:34:04 PM

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Needless to say, cybersecurity can be a tough environment in which to operate. For many professionals, it is not uncommon to be working with industrial assets that are located in harsh environments that have been, or are being modernized as part of an OT digital transformation initiative. 

While the automation piece to these environments may be cutting-edge, provisions for cybersecurity are lagging, leaving organizations exposed. Given the rising threat landscape for ICS/SCADA and the simultaneously tightening regulatory landscape, where even the most remote sites may be subject to cybersecurity laws, this could not continue.

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks, PAN-OS 8.1, PA-220R

Palo Alto Networks Releases PAN-OS 8.1: 5 Features to Watch For

Posted by Fuel HQ on Feb 20, 2018 12:37:03 PM

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Today, Palo Alto Networks released PAN-OS 8.1. Users will be glad to find this release enables easy adoption of application-based security, removes barriers to securing encrypted traffic, simplifies management of large networks and helps you quickly identify advanced threats in conjunction with Magnifier for behavioral analytics.

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks, PAN-OS 8.1

Six Tips to Ensure Multi-Cloud Protection

Posted by Fuel HQ on Feb 4, 2018 1:40:02 PM

Sunday, February 4, 2018

What is your multi-cloud strategy? Today it is not uncommon for organizations to be running a mix of public infrastructure as a service (IaaS) environments, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. In fact, a recent study concluded that one-third of the world’s companies are using four or more cloud vendors in their day-to-day operations.

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks, security tools, Cloud Security Management, strategies for security, cybersecurity tools, cybersecurity protocol

Network Time Protocol: A Fuel Best Practice Tip

Posted by Fuel HQ on Feb 2, 2018 10:06:31 AM

Friday, February 2, 2018

Have you taken advantage of the Palo Alto Networks Best Practices Booklet? Released last June, it contains 300+ pages of specific, immediately useful advice for improving security, performance, manageability, and high availability.

We continue to provide our members with resources for useful guidance of the booklet. One such resource is the Fuel Tip of the Week Forum. Let’s take a look at one of the latest tips highlighted in this forum.

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks, best practices, Best Practices Booklet, Tip of the Week, Network Time Protocol

Why Volunteering Works: Four Compelling Reasons

Posted by Fuel HQ on Jan 26, 2018 1:35:00 PM

Friday, January 26, 2018

The act of volunteering—helping your neighbors without recompense—offers more than just a helping hand, it benefits you and those you help in different ways. And there are many ways in which you can volunteer—whether related to your career via professional user group or something completely unrelated.

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks, Fuel Volunteers, strategies for security, cybersecurity protocol

Developing a Cybersecurity Protocol

Posted by Fuel HQ on Jan 24, 2018 4:05:26 PM

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Cybersecurity threats come at a rapid pace these days—or so it seems. That leaves security professionals with very little room for error and the need to eliminate uncertainty in the process.

Here’s where protocol becomes your best friend; a clear progression of steps to take in the face of an immediate threat. Better yet, Fuel volunteer Paul Carter asks, can that protocol be standardized across organizations? He believes so and, in response, developed the DDIVE Model –which stands for Detect, Design, Implement, Validate, Establish. A security-focused response to incidents that will ensure viable options are considered, implemented and documented, DDIVE is designed to be adaptable and repeatable.

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