Quick Guide: Using the Fuel Virtual Test Lab

Posted by Fuel HQ on Dec 8, 2016 8:48:05 AM

The purpose of the Fuel Virtual Test Lab is to provide a lab environment for the Fuel user community to experiment and explore different features and use cases for Palo Alto Networks product. Participation in the Virtual Test Lab should also encourage members of the Fuel user community to share and learn from each other through a common lab environment.In order to access the Virtual Test Lab, you will need to request access from Fuel HQ. Fuel members can request access here. Not a Fuel Member? Join today.

Prior to requesting access, you may want to ensure that your system is optimized to work with the CloudShare environment. Visit https://use.cloudshare.com/Ent/Machine.mvc/testpage#/ to check your connectivity and settings.Requests for access to the Fuel Virtual Test Lab are fulfilled within every Wednesday. Once confirmed, you will receive an email that contains your personal link to the CloudShare hosting environment. You must activate this access within 30 days of receiving your confirmation. Once you access the CloudShare, you will set up a personal login to use for the Lab.

Your Virtual Test Lab Access

Once you enter the Virtual Test Lab (Figure 1), you will see a button that says “Start Using This Environment”. Clicking on this button or any of the top navigation tabs will activate your session, which lasts 3 hours from the time you start using the lab, and is continuous; access may not be spread across several sessions and will not stop if you leave the lab. If you leave the lab, your remaining time in the lab will not be saved. Please make sure you have reserved enough available time in your schedule to fully utilize your session.

Figure 1 – Accessing the Virtual Test Lab

A few tips and reminders about the Virtual Test Lab:

  • Your lab environment is deleted once your allocated lab time is completed, we do not keep any changes or configuration you make in the lab.

  • You can upload the firewall configuration changes you made in the lab if you want to keep them.

Please be mindful of what you do in the lab, your activity may be monitored.

The full Fuel Virtual Test Lab Quick Start Guide is available for download in Fuel's Resource Center. Not a member? 

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