Leading with Disruption and Innovation: A Reflection on Palo Alto Networks Ignite 2018

Posted by Fuel HQ on Jun 18, 2018 9:49:11 AM

Monday, June 18, 2018

By John Matelski, President of Fuel User Group, Chief Innovation & Information Officer
DeKalb County, Georgia

ignite18US-facebook-sharedThe Palo Alto Networks Ignite 2018 conference has come and gone, but the value of the education and engagement that occurred in Anaheim will live on. For me, there were two big takeaways.

The first takeaway: the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework is here to stay. Palo Alto Networks continues to take a leadership role in the security industry by driving cybersecurity innovation and collaboration with its Application Framework.

The Application Framework is an innovation that promotes an open ecosystem of trusted partners and allows for applications to leverage threat and log data for analytics and enforcement. I firmly believe that this innovation will aid tens of thousands of companies and organizations as they collaborate to prevent cyberattacks. The Application Framework is expected to feature applications developed by security providers of all sizes and includes partners such as Accenture, AlgoSec, FireMon, IBM, Proofpoint, Splunk, Tanium, and Tufin – just to name a few. 

The second take away: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the cybersecurity market will grow at an exorbitant pace, and Palo Alto Networks will be at the forefront of that growth. 

Machine learning is when a program takes new data, learns from it and makes changes without being explicitly programed to do so. Machines perform data sequencing in an automated fashion, combing through sets of data searching for patterns and similarities. Once data patterns and predictive behaviors have been identified, rules must be implemented to take action on learned data. With machine learning, the machine is enabled to create or modify rules to further improve itself and accomplish its primary objectives. 

Specific to cybersecurity, it is difficult to keep pace with the constant volume and increasing sophistication of threats and attacks. Cyberattacks have evolved and are becoming increasingly automated, making it easier for attackers to execute a successful attack. Palo Alto Networks had numerous sessions that were focused on their approach to cybersecurity, and touted how they are incorporating automation and machine learning, which allows their solutions to stay ahead of attackers. By leveraging machine learning, Palo Alto Networks is better able to accurately identify variations of known threats, identify patterns, predict the next steps of an attack and automatically create and implement protections across the organization. 

I highly encourage you to learn more about how Palo Alto Networks is leading disruption in the industry and how you can better protect your organization, even if you are not a Palo Alto Networks customer or user. I would also encourage you to get engaged and involved with users like yourself. It is amazing how much we can learn from others in the community (peers and vendors) – and I would like to encourage you to get engaged with the Fuel User Group and other groups that promote the sharing of lessons learned and best practices. 

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