Fuel Original Member Spotlight: Vicki Fox

Posted by Fuel HQ on May 6, 2015 11:00:00 AM

by Fuel HQ

The Fuel Original Member Spotlight is a regular series on the Fuel for Thought blog, highlighting inaugural members of Fuel who joined the community in 2015. Each spotlight sheds light on a Fuel member’s background, industry experience, and shares some little-known facts and interesting member stories.

Vicki Fox, Network Security Engineer at Dillard's in Little Rock, AR, has worked in networking since 1987 and has supported firewalls since 2003. She started working on PA500s in 2010. Vicki started Fuel’s Arkansas Chapter, and is on the lookout for more members. If you’re located in Arkansas, join the conversation with Vicki!FUEL_0400115_SocialMedia_FFT110x180_2

Are you a morning person or night owl?
I'm more of a mid-afternoon person...

Piece of technology you can’t live without?
My IPad Mini.  (My mother calls it my Mini Pad. I keep telling her that's a WHOLE 'nother thing!)

Favorite ice cream flavor?
I don't like ice cream at all.

Preferred social media platform?

I'm a Facebook girl. You can probably find me there quite a bit. It's a vice. I grew up an Army Brat, and every time I moved from one life to the next I totally lost the previous life, even after my father retired. So when I started finding folks from my past lives on Facebook, I got addicted.

What was your first job?
I managed a 7 PC Netware 2.0a network in the Arkansas Power and Light Nuclear Design Engineering Department supporting Arkansas Nuclear One. I've had lots of fun jobs like that.

What is your go-to news outlet that you read, watch, and/or listen to for industry news?
I mainly wait for my InfoSec co-workers to send me stuff that I need to know about. Yes, I'm lazy that way.

Trend in cybersecurity that excites you most?
Nothing excites me. It all scares me!

What’s your “How I saved the day” story?
Bringing Palo Alto Networks into Dillard's was my project. As soon as we got them in we found several folks who had multiple different types of viruses and malware. No telling how long they had been running it, and our previous setup didn't recognize it.

What do you hope to get out of Fuel?
I hope more folks start joining their local chapters, especially the Arkansas Chapter.I would love to start sharing expertise with folks around me.

Any predictions for Fuel’s future?
Nothin' but up!

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