Fuel Original Member Spotlight: Mario Perez

Posted by Fuel HQ on Aug 6, 2015 8:00:00 AM

by Fuel HQ

The Fuel Original Member Spotlight is a regular series highlighting inaugural members of Fuel who joined the community in 2015. Each spotlight sheds light on a Fuel member’s background, industry experience, and shares some little-known facts and interesting member stories.


Mario Perez is a Fuel member from Los Angeles, California, and has been working in cybersecurity for ten years. He currently works as a Data Communications Specialist for the Los Angeles Community Colleges District and has been using Palo Alto Networks technologies for the past five years. Mario is working on a Master's degree in Information Security and Assurance from Western Governors University. Find out more about Mario's favorite cybersecurity trends and news sources. Hint: Fuel User Group is one of them! 

Are you a morning person or night owl?
Definitely a morning person, but if need it I could be a night owl (currently that is the way I am doing my classwork for my master's program).

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Preferred social media platform?
Facebook for family and friends and LinkedIn for professional networking. You can find me on either one.

What was your first job? 
Student Worker for Los Angeles Community Colleges District Data Center in 1996.
What is your go-to news outlet that you read, watch, and/or listen to for industry news?
www.fuelusergroup.org, www.Darkreading.com , www.csoonline.com, and  www.techlearning.com

Trend in cybersecurity that excites you most?
The demand for better cybersecurity-- and in turn more opportunities to do what we love and get paid for doing it!!!

Favorite part of being a Fuel member?
Being able to collaborate and add value to the group.

Any predictions for Fuel's future?
Being the number one source of cybersecurity content!

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