Fuel Original Member Spotlight: David Vaughn

Posted by Fuel HQ on Apr 7, 2015 11:00:00 AM

by Fuel HQ

The Fuel Original Member Spotlight is a regular series on the Fuel for Thought blog, highlighting inaugural members of Fuel who joined the community in 2015. Each spotlight sheds light on a Fuel member’s background, industry experience, and shares some little-known facts and interesting member stories.

David M. Vaughn, Principal Cybersecurity Engineer and U.S. Public Sector Enterprise Security Solutions Cyber Innovations eLAB Manager, has been in cybersecurity for 17 years and working with Palo Alto Networks technologies for 2 years. His certifications include CISSP, CEH, LPT, CCSK, CCNP+Security, Palo Alto ACE and Fortinet NSE. He is also preparing to take the CNSE6 and OSCP.

Are you a morning person or night owl?
Night Owl

Piece of technology you can’t live without?
Cell phone 

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Preferred social media platform? Can we find you there?
Twitter, yes thoughts, comments are my own and not represented by my company: @ArmyTra1n3d 

What was your first job?
I joined the Army Reserves in 1997 and continue to serve still, but my first real infosec job was in 1999 with S1 Technology as a Network Engineer. I was part of a team that tested security solutions for online banking environments. 

What is your go-to news outlet that you read, watch, and/or listen to for industry news?
I have a number of favorites, to name a few:

HP’s Enterprise Security Trends Blog



Securing The Human

Paul’s Security Weekly

And Twitter

Trend in cybersecurity that excites you most?
The trend that excites me the most is Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation centric around Behavior Analysis. I think the days of signature detection and mitigation are numbered, but still a value-add to a defense in depth approach. 

What’s your “How I saved the day” story?
One of the funniest moments in the office was coming in to find our ACC dashboard on a Proof of Concept project was at the highest threat level we had ever seen. The number one threat was SMTP. Opening the World view map we noticed that all of the traffic was going to areas of the world that would make any IT security professional cringe. Utilizing these features allowed us to quickly discover, and mitigate an open relay that had been setup by an intern.  We also had the ability to quickly setup a policy not allowing traffic to specific geographic locations. 

Favorite part about being a Fuel member?
The potential collaboration capability.

What do you hope to get out of Fuel?
Better enablement of securing my customers environments.

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