Cloud Network Security Challenges During Cloud Migration

Posted by Aviatrix on Sep 9, 2022 2:31:56 PM

The great cloud migration is well underway. According to the Gartner Predicts 2022 report series, “more than 75% of organizations use multiple public cloud services today, and have plans to expand.”

For some, single-cloud architectures may be sufficient in the short term, but sooner or later, most realize their selected cloud service provider does not meet all their long-term needs.

So when we talk about cloud migration, for the majority of enterprises, we are really talking about multi-cloud.

Migrating to the Cloud? Prepare for Disruption


Moving to the cloud is a disruptive process because of the disparity between on-prem and cloud operating models.

Lack of visibility and control and increased security vulnerabilities are two important differences. 

This is true for single cloud architectures, and even more so for multi-cloud. Even if you are currently only in one cloud, the trend is toward multi-cloud, so you should prepare for that now. Read More→

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