Embracing the Cloud-Based Application Framework

Posted by Fuel HQ on Jul 19, 2017 7:54:19 AM

Today, traditional methods for creating and consuming security technology often struggle to keep pace with the need for rapid development and adoption with an organization. With the recent release of Application Framework, Palo Alto Networks is looking to address this need by a providing cloud-based approach to accessing, evaluating, and adopting new security technologies.

This tool becomes a proactive tool for the user, helping to continuously evaluate and deploy the latest security technologies. Cloud-based apps enable data to update on a continual basis, based on the latest cyber threats. For Fuel members, the user experience should be a familiar one, as the Application Framework is built as an extension of Palo Alto Networks’ Next-Generation Security Platform.

This product brings a set of collaborative features that allow developers, users and entrepreneurs to share data on a range of different fronts. For instance, it facilitates the sharing of data amongst users in order to create a stronger defense against threats. Such data can be used to develop custom apps.

In a similar manner, apps from different providers can trigger a single workflow for the rapid identification, analysis and response to the most pressing cyberattacks. The use of these cloud-based apps offers superior security as they allow rapid access, evaluation and adoption of new security capabilities.

Thus far, more than 35 developers have agreed to build an app on the framework. This means new capabilities will be added to the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform featuring the infrastructure you already use daily.

In order to fund the creation of addition security applications, Palo Alto has set up the Palo Alto Networks Venture Fund, which will provide capital and tools to encourage security companies to develop their own cloud-based applications for the framework.

Fuel members will benefit from the Application Framework due to its ability to solve a wide variety of use-cases; it provides a platform for developing cloud-based apps from other members, third-party developers, and entrepreneurs. This new consumption model could help drive better, more automated security outcomes for all parties involved.

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