Cybersecurity Question of the Month: May

Posted by Fuel HQ on Jun 19, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Each month, we ask Fuel members to weign in with their opinions on the Cybersecurity Question of the Month, and we’re sharing their answers here.
Darrin Freeman, a network engineer, is a member of Fuel's Networking & Connectivity SIG. Darrin shared his thoughts on the most recent Cybersecurity Question of the Month.

Cybersecurity professionals are expecting ransomware to grow more aggressive in the coming years, including higher ransom payments and attempts to go beyond attacking data — by shutting down entire computer systems to utilities or factories. However, a key concern is that ransomware will start targeting critical infrastructure.

Too many important computer systems are also connected to the internet — when they shouldn’t be. Businesses are also failing to properly segregate their computers from other processes. When a ransomware infection hits, it has the potential to shut down the entire operation.

How do you think ransomware attacks will evolve further? What steps have you taken within your organization to formulate a recovery plan to avoid downtime?
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