Upcoming Fuel Webcast: Maximize Your Palo Alto Networks Investment

Posted by Fuel HQ on Apr 8, 2015 11:00:00 AM

by Fuel HQ

Join Fuel’s very first webcast on Tuesday April 28 at 10am CST/11am EST to learn about maximizing your Palo Alto Networks investment with the right network access. Speaker Christopher Bihary, CEO and Co-Founder of Garland Technology, will discuss the advantages of a network visibility plane, and how to position your applications at the edge or near the edge of your network. The webcast will explore how to reduce the cost of implementing a visibility plane, and how to attach security and performance monitoring in one device.  Attendees will learn how to implement an inexpensive component that will allow for service and maintenance on Palo Alto Network appliances without scheduling downtime.

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Disabling the Attacker’s Weapon with Endpoint Protection

Posted by Karine Gidali on Feb 5, 2015 4:48:00 PM

by Karine Gidali

The U.S. introduced its first stealth aircraft to the world during the Gulf War in 1991 – the F-117 Nighthawk. Its maiden flight was in 1981, but it wasn’t publicized in the U.S. until its appearance in the Gulf War. Stealth aircrafts are designed to be undetectable. The developers used multiple advanced technologies that reduce their visibility and emission of radar.

The same is true for cyber-criminals. They use advanced technologies to create malware in order to take over your network without detection. Attackers in the past almost exclusively sought to use executable files typically used to install malware.

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